Yogic Breathing

Dirgha Pranayama – The Three-Part Yogic Breathing

Dirgha Pranayama or the three-part breathing exercise is also known as yogic breathing or the full breath. In Sanskrit, Dirgha means long. In Dirgha pranayama, complete breathing is done with expansion of the abdomen, chest and the neck region. It is described in three steps, but the actual breathing process is done as a single continuous process.. Dirgha Pranayama or yogic breathing is about finding your natural breath.

Yogic Breathing – The Art of Natural Breathing

Yoga and breath are deeply connected. When performing asana, pranayama and meditation, the correct breathing is essential to get the full benefits of the practice. Yogic breathing is finding your natural breath.

Bhastrika Pranayama – The Bellow’s Breath

Bhastrika Pranayama or the Bellow’s Breath is one of the main forms of Pranayama. In Sanskrit, Bhastrika means the ‘bellows ’. Just as the blacksmith blows his bellows to create heat and purify iron, Bhastrika is said to purify the mind and clear pranic blocks.

Kapalbhati Pranayama – The Skull Shining Breathing Excercise

Kapalbhati pranayama (or Kapalabhati) is one of the six Shatkarmas or methods of internal purification in Hatha Yoga. In Sanskrit, Kapal means the skull and Bhati means to shine or illuminate. Kapalbhati cleans the cranial sinuses and hence the name.

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