Padangusthasana – Hand to Big Toe Pose

Padangusthasana - Hand to Big Toe Pose

Padangusthasana or the Hand to Big Toe Pose stretches the muscles of the legs and back, improves digestion and relaxes the body and mind. In Sanskrit, Pada means foot, Angustha means the big toe and Asana means a Pose. In this pose the body is bend over and the two toes are help with the hands giving a very good flexibility to the back and leg muscles.

Parivrtta Prasarita Padottanasana

Parivrtta Prasarita Padottanasana or the Wide-Legged standing forward bend twisted pose is a stretching posture along with the twist of the upper body. This Asana improves digestion, relaxes the body and gives a sense of balance.

Yoga Management of Diabetes

Yoga Management of Diabetes - Yoga for Diabetes

Yoga Management of Diabetes includes yoga poses, pranayama along with other lifestyle changes. A healthy, balanced diet plan and proper medication is essential to keep diabetes under control. There is one more factor – one more cornerstone for effective diabetes management. And, that’s exercise. While all forms of cardiovascular exercises do help, studies suggest that yoga is the best as it improves the overall well-being.

Yoga for Computer Users

Yoga for Computer Users

Sitting in front of a computer for long hours can wreak chaos on the body. The deadly combination of job stress and the physical requirements of continuous computer use are painfully damaging. Basically, sitting with bad posture too long, under stress, paves way to life-hampering health and mental issues. Regular practice of this yoga for computer users sequence could prevent and manage repetitive strain injury.

How to Prevent Injuries during Yoga Practice

Prevent Injuries During Yoga

Preventing yoga injuries is essential for a safe practice of yoga. Have you experienced that shooting pain in the wrists while holding a Plank Pose? Or a tingling sensation in your neck as you gaze up in Parsva Konasana?

Yoga after Pregnancy – Getting Fit after Child Birth

Yoga After Pregnancy - Getting Fit After Child birth

Yoga after pregnancy, is the best way to get back into shape. Let’s talk practically. Your tummy would still share resemblances with your six-month pregnant tummy, just hours into delivery. While there is definitely a dip in your body weight immediately after the new life enters this world, you should wait for 40 days to restart your exercise regimen. Scientifically, it takes about six weeks for a woman’s body to restore uterus to its pre-pregnancy state and reinstate menstruation. Once you complete this phase, you could start exercising to shed the excess pounds and remain calm and relaxed.

Yoga for Expecting Mothers

Yoga for Expecting Mothers

Pregnancy is a life-changing journey for each and every woman. She has to exert special care across all realms in this journey. Along with healthy food intake, a good exercise regimen is essential to maintain a healthy weight gain, prevent gestational diabetes, and ensure proper growth of the fetus. And, prenatal yoga is a great exercise regimen a pregnant woman can adopt.

Improve Flexibility with Yoga

Improve Flexibility with Yoga

Can Yoga improve flexibility? What is flexibility? Is it just the ability to place the palms flat on the floor or doing the standing forward bend? Or, is it the super easy way one can swing himself up to get into shoulder stand? Well, no! There is much more. Being flexible helps us live easier. There are no tense muscles, stiff joints, or that sense of misery which we have to carry with us as we move around.

5 Breathing Exercises you should Practice Daily

Pranayama for Daily Life - breathing Exercises

We all breathe, but how many of us breathe right? Hardly a few. Breathing is one of those our involuntary activities. Just take a moment, now, to observe the way you are breathing. Is it shallow or deep? Is it long or short? Is it difficult or easy? Are you breathing through your nose or mouth?

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight Loss

Every other person, it seems, wants to lose weight (obese or not). While there are people who have to shed the excess weight for genuine reasons, there are others who want to lose those 5 or 10 pounds to look better during the holiday season. And, the latest trend is to enroll in a yoga studio with this goal.