Mudra – The Yogic Gestures

Mudras are gestures or signs in yoga using the fingers, hands, eyes or other parts of the body to channelize the energy in a certain way. These are advanced practices which were kept secret by the yogis and passed on from Guru to disciple according to tradition.  The channeling of energy can be used either to attain a higher state of consciousness or can be directed towards the body and mind for healing and curing various diseases. The channeling is achieved by using various gestures of the hands, fingers, eyes, etc. In some of the mudras, ‘Bandhas’ or pranic locks are also used to direct the energy. Bandhas are clubbed along with Mudras in the ancient yogic texts like Hatha Yoga Pradeepika and Gheranda Samhita. To understand the principles behind mudras read :  Mudra – The Yogic gestures

Listed are few commonly used Mudras in yoga. Click on the link/image to see the detailed article.

Ashwini MudraThe Horse Gesture
Jalandhara Bandha
Jnana Mudra
Kechari MudraThe Tongue Lock
Maha Bandha
Maha Bedha Mudra
Maha Mudra
Manduki Mudra
Moola BandhaMoola Bandha
Nabho MudraNabho Mudra
Nasikagra Drishti
Shambhavi Mudra
Uddiyana Bandha
Vipareeta Karani Mudra
Yoni Mudra



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