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Vajrasana – The Thunderbolt Pose


Vajrasana or the kneeling yoga pose is also called the diamond pose or the thunderbolt pose. The name comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Vajra’ which can mean thunderbolt or diamond.

Marjariasana – The Cat Pose

Marjariasana or the Cat Pose in Yoga is excellent for improving flexibility of the spine. Most of the asanas or poses have been adopted by observing animals. The cat family has one of the most flexible spines in the animal kingdom.

Advasana – The Reverse Corpse Pose

Advasana or the reverse corpse pose is one of the relaxation asanas in yoga. Advasana is one of the several relaxation poses in Yoga, the practice of which can give deep rest to the body, make your breath steady and in turn calm your mind.