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Shashankasana – The Hare Pose

Shashankasana or the “Hare Pose” is so called as the asana resembles a hare in the final position. Benefits of Shashankasana include relaxation, relieving of depression and a good upper body stretch. Shashankansa is a very easy asana to perform and can be done by anyone regardless of age.

How to do Shashankasana (The Hare Pose) ?

  1. Sit in Vajrasana , the Thunderbolt pose or the kneeling pose. Place your hands on the thighs and breathe in a relaxed manner.
  2. Raise both your hands above the head, palms facing forward. The arms should be in line with the shoulders.

Shashankasana - Starting Pose

3.    Slowly bend down and bring the hands forward, till the hands and forehead touched the ground. Exhale while you are bending forward.

4. In the final position the forehead and hands rest on the ground.  Rest in this position for as long as you are comfortable. In the final position slow rhythmic and relaxed breathing can be done.


5. Exhale slowly and come back to the starting position (kneeling pose).

6. Repeat this process for 5 to 10 rounds depending on time and comfort.


Benefits of Shashankasana (The Hare Pose)

  1. This asana relaxes the mind and relieves depression.
  2. It tones the pelvic muscles and relieves sciatic pain.
  3. It can help in sexual disorders.
  4. It gives a good relaxing stretch to the upper body.


Shashankasana Variation

There are many variations of Shashankasana. One of the popular variations is done by placing the hands behind the back, instead of taking it all the way to the front.


  1. To do this variation, start in Vajrasana or the kneeling pose.
  2. Then bend the body forward, till your head touches the ground in front of you (or as much as possible).
  3. Simultaneously take the hands and pull them behind the back, clasping the right wrist with the left hand.
  4. Exhale while bending down.
  5. Remain in this position for as long a comfortable. Slow and relaxed breathing can be done in the final position.
  6. For releasing the pose, raise the body up again to the erect position as you breathe in.

The benefits of this variation are similar to the benefits mentioned in the main asana section.

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