Apana Vayu Mudra – Hand Gesture for Apana Flow

Apana Vayu Mudra is a hand mudra or gesture used for improving health of the small and large intestine and related organs of elimination. In Ayurveda, the thumb represents the fire element, the middle finger indicates space element and the ring finger the earth element. Apana Vayu mudra brings together these three elements, which is said to give therapeutic benefits.

Apana Vayu is the second of the five Pranas and is primarily responsible for elimination. It controls organs situated between the naval and the perineum including, small and large intestine, kidneys, urinary system and reproductive systems. Elimination of waste as faeces, gas and urine is done by Apana Vayu. Also, ejaculation of sperm, Monthly menstrual cycle for women and expulsion of foetus during childbirth is done by Apana Vayu. Apana Vayu flows downwards and stimulates the downward movement of the wastes. Disturbances in Apana Vayu can cause constipation, diarrhoea, piles, etc.

Apana Vayu Mudra is aimed at improving the function of Apana Vayu and its associated organs and its physiology. It is easy to practice and can be practiced any time of the day.

How to do Apana Vayu Mudra?

  1. Sit in any comfortable seating posture. Meditation postures like Padmasana, Siddhasana, Swastikasana, Vajrasana, etc. are ideal for the practice of mudras. Sukhasana and Ardha Padmasana may also be used. It can also be done sitting on chair with spine straight or even in the standing pose, if you are not able to sit on the floor.
  2. In the sitting position, place the hands with palm pointing upwards on the thighs or the knees.
  3. Close your eyes and take few deep relaxed breaths with awareness on the breathing process.
  4. Bring your ring and middle finger together and bend it over to touch your thumb. The little and index fingers should be pointed straight. You can do it on both hands. This is the Apana Vayu hand mudra.
  5. Remain in this position for 15 to 30 minutes as per your convenience. Maintain your awareness on the energy flow in the body. Feel the changes that the mudra brings about in your system.
  6. To release the mudra, relax the fingers and open your eyes.

Benefits of Apana Vayu Mudra

  1. Apana Vayu Mudra helps the small and large intestine and relieves constipation.
  2. It is known to be good for heart ailments and can be used for those complaining of chest pain due to cardiac malfunction.
  3. It can relieve indigestion.