Brahmacharyasana – The Celibate’s Pose

Brahmacharyasana or the Celibate’s Pose helps to conserve sexual energy and strengthens abdominal muscles. It comes from the Sanskrit word Brahmacharya which means control over the senses especially the sexual urge.

Yoga believes that the sexual energy in both man and women is very potent and can be used for evolution and reaching higher states of consciousness. Yoga also believes that this sexual energy can be transmuted into higher form of energy called Ojas, which improves the vitality of the entire physical and mental body. Brahmacharyasana is one the poses that aid in this transmutation.


How to do Brahmacharyasana (the Celibate’s Pose)?

  1. Sit on the floor with legs stretched out in front of you.
  2. Keep the hands on the sides with palms touching the floor. The palms should face forwards. Keep the hand and elbow straight.
  3. Tense the entire body to make the legs, abdomen and chest stiff.
  4. Now raise yourself up with the aid of the palms alone. This needs some strength in the initial stages. With practice one will be able to lift oneself up entirely by using the palms. The weight is borne entirely by the hands and shoulders.
  5. The entire body is balance on the hands. This is the final position.
  6. Remain in this position for as long as it is comfortable. Retain your breath in the final position.
  7. Return to your base position on the ground. Exhale after touching the ground. Take few normal breaths before repeating the process. Practice up to 3 times in each session.
  8. After this asana, take rest in Shavasana or the Corpse Pose.


Benefits of Brahmacharyasana (The Celibate’s Pose)

  1. This asana strengthens the arms and shoulders.
  2. Brahmacharyasana helps to tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles.
  3. This asana is excellent for those who wish to conserve sexual energy. Brahmacharyasana helps to sublimate the sexual energy to subtler form of energy called Ojas, which improves the physical and mental health of the body.