Marjariasana – The Cat Pose

Marjariasana or the Cat Pose in Yoga is excellent for improving flexibility of the spine. Most of the asanas or poses have been adopted by observing animals. The cat family has one of the most flexible spines in the animal kingdom. Marjariasana or the Cat pose is adopted after close observation of the domestic cat.


How to do Marjariasana (The Cat Pose)?

  1. Kneel on the floor and lean forward putting both your palms on the floor pointing forward.
  2. The legs can be slightly apart and palms should be at shoulder length.
  3. Take the position similar to a standing cat. Let your trunk be parallel to the ground, the thighs should be vertical and straight. The lower leg and feet should be on the floor.
  4. This is the base position. Relax your body completely. Make sure your shoulder and back muscles are relaxed.
  5. Now exhale completely and feel your belly go inwards. At the same time move your head inwards between your shoulders. While doing this your back will bend and arch upwards.
  6. Now inhale and arch your back in the opposite direction. The spine will bend slightly downwards. The head, neck and shoulders should be arched backwards, as if you are looking up.
  7. Repeat this process, as many times as you are comfortable. Do this asana with slow and deep breathing and feel the stretch it gives to your back, neck and shoulders. Feel the stiffness disappear and the sense of greater flexibility in your back muscles and spine.


Benefits of Marjariasana (The Cat Pose)

  1. Marjariasana loosens up the spine and make it flexible. It gets rid of stiffness in the back muscles.
  2. It is good for those suffering from Spondylitis and slipped disk.
  3. Marjariasana also has an indirect effect on the organs of the lower abdomen, including the digestive system, intestines and the reproductive organs. It gives a good massage and stretch to these organs.


Contraindication for Marjariasana (The Cat Pose)

  1. Marjariasana shoud be avoided if you have any knee injury.