Matsya Kridasana – Flapping Fish Pose

Matsya kridasana or the ‘Flapping fish Pose’ is one of the relaxation asanas in yoga. Matysa kridasana resembles a playful fish flapping its tail and fins.


How to do Matsya kridasana

  1. Lie down on the stomach in a relaxed way and turn your neck to one side (to the left side to start with).
  2. Place your right hand (palms) over the left hand and rest your head on top of the hands (back of the palms). The head should face to the left.
  3. Bend your left leg and move your left knee as close to the ribs as possible.
  4. The right leg should remain straight.
  5. This is the final resting pose. In the final position, the body will be relaxed and a slight tug or pull is felt on the waist region.
  6. Maintain the position for as long as it is comfortable.
  7. Breathe slowly and normally. Rest every part of the body and maintain awareness of the breath.
  8. This can be repeated with the head turned towards right also. In this case the right leg will be folded and the left leg will remain straight.


Benefits of Matsya Kridasana

  1. This is an excellent relaxation pose. It can be used for sleeping as well.
  2. It stretches the abdominal region and relieves constipation.
  3. Matsya kridasana gives a gentle pull at the waist and helps to reduce waistline fat.
  4. It relaxes the lower back and helps in relieving sciatic pain.