Meru Vakrasana – The Simple Spinal Twist Pose

Meru Vakrasana or the simple spinal twist pose is a preliminary asana practiced before taking up the practice of the more difficult Ardha Matsyendrasana. Meru Vakrasana stretches the spinal cord and relieves back pain. It is a fairly simple asana and can be done by beginners and practitioners of any age group.

It also helps to tone the organs in the abdomen and improves digeston.Meru_Vakrasana_Spinal_twist_Pose_Yoga_Asana

How to do Meru Vakrasana (The Simple Spinal Twist Pose)?

  1. Sit on the floor with legs stretched forward.
  2. Relax the trunk and keep the spine straight and breath normally.
  3. Place the palms on the side on the buttocks pointing outwards and slightly backwards.
  4. Bring the left hand to the right and place the left palm next to the right palm.
  5. Place the left foot outside the right knee.
  6. Twist the head and trunk to the right as far as it is comfortable. Retain the breath during the twisting process.
  7. Exhale in the final position. One can also continue with slow and deep breathing in the final position.
  8. Bring back the trunk and legs to starting position and repeat the process on the left side by placing the right foot next to the left knee and twisting the body to the left side.
  9. Do as many rounds as you are comfortable.


Benefits of Meru Vakrasana (The Simple Spinal Twist Pose)

  1. Meru Vakrasana is a preliminary practice for the more advanced Ardha Matsyendrasana. This will make the spine and the back muscles flexible. After practicing this asana for some time, one can attempt the Ardha Matsyendrasana. Those who develop good flexibility can further attempt the Poorna Matsyendrasana.
  2. This gives a good stretch to the back muscles and can relieve back pain.
  3. It loosens the spinal column and stimulates the spinal nerves.
  4. It tones the abdominal organs as the spine is twisted from one side to the other.