Tiryaka Kati Chakrasana

Tiryaka Kati Chakrasana or the Swaying Waist Rotation pose strengthens the hips, shoulders and back muscles and removes fat round the waist. In Sanskrit, Tiryaka means oblique, Kati means waist and Chakra means a wheel. It can be roughly translated as swaying waist rotation pose as the body is swayed from side to side in the final position.

Tiryaka Kati Chakrasana is an easy pose and can be done by beginners. This pose can also be integrated along with your regular warm up exercises.

Tiryaka Kati Chakrasana - Swaying Waist Rotation Pose

How to do Tiryaka Kati Chakrasana (Swaying Waist Rotation Pose)

  1. Begin in the standing position.
  2. Spread out the legs about 1 to 2 feet apart.
  3. Bring the two palms together and interlock the fingers. Slowly raise the hands above the head. Turn the palm upwards so that the palms are facing the sky in the interlocked position. Stretch the hands upwards above the head.
  4. Now, exhale and bend forward along the hips. Bring the trunk parallel to the ground or perpendicular to your legs.
  5. Further exhale and twist the body to the right. Lift your head up slightly and look up. Hold this position for few seconds according to your ability.
  6. Inhale and come bring back the body to the center.
  7. Again exhale and twist the body to the left. Hold it for few seconds, according to your ability.
  8. This is one round of Tiryaka Kati Chakrasana.
  9. Continue doing as many rounds as per your need and convenience.
  10. To release the pose, raise your body up, unlock your fingers and bring the feet together to normal standing position.


Benefits of Tiryaka Kati Chakrasana


  1. Tiryaka Kati Chakrasana strengthens the arms, shoulders and back muscles.
  2. It gives a good stretch to the back and spine. It relieves pain in upper and lower back.
  3. Tiryaka Kati Chakrasana is good for the hips.
  4. It reduces fat around the waist and hips.
  5. This makes the muscles around the ribs flexible.
  6. This Asana improves the sense of balance.


Contraindications for Tiryaka Kati Chakrasana

  1. Those who suffer from any injury of the hips, ribs or the shoulders should not do Tiryaka Kati Chakrasana.
  2. Those with severe lower back pain should do it under guidance from a qualified yoga therapist.