Calories during a Juice Cleanse

Calories during a Juice Cleanse, depends on the type of juice used during the detox program. Juice cleansing can be done using fruit juices or vegetable juices or a combination of both. Most of us take to juice fasting as a means to detoxification and weight reduction. Counting the calories during a juice fast is important, to know about your daily energy intake during the cleansing program.

Calories During Juice Cleanse

Fruit juices are normally richer in carbohydrates and contain more calories, while vegetable juices are generally richer in minerals and vitamins. Most people prefer a cocktail of fruit and vegetable juices to give a balance between intake of calories and the essential minerals and vitamins.

During a juice cleanse, you may end up drinking roughly one liter of juice (4 full glasses) in a day. As a rough estimate, one liter of juice can contain about 300 – 600 Calories depending on the fruit/vegetable used. The total calorie intake will also depend on the quantity of juice consumed per day. This quantity of juice per day will depend on your personal needs and the kind of cleansing program that you are following.

The daily energy requirement for a normal adult varies between 1600 – 2500 Calories.  Juice fasts provide only partial intake of required Calories (say 300 – 600), thus helping in weight loss.

How much calories do I get from Juices?

It varies. But calculating the calories during a juice cleanse is easy.

Most fruit juices give between 30 – 60 Calories per 100 gm. So, if you drink 4 full glasses (say 1 liter) of fruit juice, you can get roughly anywhere between 300 – 600 Calories.

Vegetable juices, especially greens give lesser Calories. Greens can roughly give about 200 – 400 Calories per liter of vegetable juice.


If you are fasting on just one type of juice, it is easy to calculate your daily calorie intake. But most of us prefer a cocktail of fruit and vegetable juices. To correctly estimate the calories, you can use the chart below as a rough guideline.

Calories in Juice Cleanse in Fruits

Calories during Juice Fast in Vegetables

Please note that these are rough estimates only, as fruits and vegetables can vary in amount of fiber and water content depending on how and where they are produced, how it is stored, the juicing method used, etc. The above figures are calculated using the calorie-calculator from , which uses figures from the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.

Using the above chart, you can easily calculate the calories during a juice cleanse program.

If you are suffering from any medical condition, it is advisable to consult a doctor and discuss your calorific needs before attempting long term juice cleanse.

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