Kati Chakrasana – Standing Spinal Twist Pose

Kati Chakrasana or the Standing Spinal twist pose makes the waist and the spine flexible and supple. In Sanskrit, Kati means waist, Chakra means wheel or in this case, twist or turn and Asana means a pose.

Kati Chakrasana is a simple pose and can even be integrated with loosening-up exercises before the start of asana practice. It is an easy pose and can be practiced by anyone.

Kati Chakrasana - Standing Spinal Twist Pose

How to do Kati Chakrasana (Standing Spinal Twist Pose)

  1. Start with the standing position and place your feet comfortably apart (about shoulder length).
  2. Stretch your hands in front of you with palms facing each other and look straight ahead.
  3. Inhale deeply and then twist the body along the waist to the right. Exhale during the twisting motion.
  4. Place the left hand in front of the chest with the left palm touching the right shoulder. Simultaneously, take the right arm around the back and let it rest on the left (and back) side of the waist.
  5. During the twist, turn your head and neck to the right and try to look behind over the right shoulder.
  6. Maintain this position for few seconds.
  7. Release the position and twist the body in the other direction (towards left). The right palm will be placed near the left shoulder and the left hand will go behind the waist on the right side. Turn the neck towards the left, looking behind over the left shoulder.
  8. This is one round of Kati Chakrasana.

You can practice five to ten rounds at a time, according to convenience.

Benefits of Kati Chakrasana (Standing Spinal Twist Pose)

  1. Do Kati Chakrasana along with loosening-up exercises, to prepare the body for more difficult asanas.
  2. It gives a good twist to the spinal column and good for flexibility of the spine.
  3. This pose gives flexibility of the back, neck and shoulder muscles.
  4. It makes the waist flexible. The twist movement can help to reduce fat around the waist.
  5. Kati Chakrasana helps to relieve constipation and improve digestion.
  6. It tones the organs in the abdomen, improving the health of pancreas, liver and intestine.
  7. Kati Chakrasana helps to relieve stiffness of the back, shoulder and neck muscles. It is a good pose for senior citizens to maintain the flexibility of their body during old age.
  8. It strengthens the back, neck and shoulders.
  9. Kati Chakrasana expands the chest and improves lung capacity.


Contraindications for Kati Chakrasana

  1. Pregnant women should avoid doing Kati Chakrasana, in general.
  2. Avoid this pose if you have any spinal, neck or waist injury.

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