Spinal Twist Yoga Asanas

Spinal twist yoga asanas improves the flexibility of the spine and tones the spinal nerves. It also alternatively stretches and compresses the abdominal organs, as the trunk is twisted in one direction and then the other.

Today, due to a sedentary life style, our spines have become weak and stiff. The back muscles have lost its flexibility. Spinal Twist poses keeps the spine young and flexible and is the key to good health and youth.

Perform these twists with awareness of breath and see the subtle changes in your body.

Spinal Twist Yoga Asanas or Poses

How to do Spinal twist Yoga Asanas?

Well, there are many Spinal twist yoga asanas. Below, you will find a gallery of Spinal twist yoga poses. Click the images to get instructions for a particular asana.

When you perform Spinal twist yoga asanas, become aware of the twisting process along with the breathing. Generally, the rule is – exhale when twisting to either side and inhale when coming back to centre position. Most of these poses twist the spine as well as the neck.

During your daily practice, you can do your Spinal Twist poses after the forward and backward bend poses.

Benefits of Spinal twist Yoga Asanas

  1. These yoga poses make the spine and back flexible.
  2. It stretches and tones the back muscles.
  3. It can relieve back pain. The Spinal twist stretches the vertebrae and improves the gap between the vertebrae and the nerves. This removes the pinching of nerves that emanate from the spine.
  4. It can relieve cramps in the back muscles.
  5. It tones the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves arising from the spine thereby improving the functioning of all organs associated with them.
  6. Spinal twist yoga asanas alternatively stretches and compresses the organs in the abdomen; thereby toning the abdominal muscles and the organs in the abdomen. This helps to improve digestion.
  7. Impure blood tends to accumulate at the back muscles due to lack of movement. Spinal twisting poses gets the circulation going and brings in fresh purified blood.

Contraindications for Spinal Twist Yoga Poses

  1. Those with severe back injuries should not attempt Spinal twist yoga asanas.
  2. Learn and perform these poses under the guidance of a qualified yoga instructor. If you have any prior medical conditions, consult a doctor or a qualified yoga therapists, before taking up the practice of yoga poses.