Sukhasana – The Easy Sitting Pose

Sukhasana or the easy sitting pose is one of the simplest pose for meditation suited for all beginners. Sukhasana comes from the Sanskrit work ‘Sukham’ which can mean ‘comfort’ , ‘easy’, ‘joyful’, ‘pleasure’, etc. It can be done by all age groups.

In many Asian countries, including India, Sukhasana is part of the daily routine. Traditionally people would take their meals sitting on the floor in Sukhasana. Hence for them, Sukhasana is simple. In western traditions, people usually sit on a chair during meals. Hence many westerners find it difficult to sit on the floor in the cross legged position. But Sukhasana is the simplest of the sitting postures in yoga. It is easy to perform and can be done even by elderly people. But, those with serious knee or hip injuries should avoid this posture.


How to do Sukhasana (The Easy Sitting Pose)?

  1. Sit on the floor with legs stretched out. Always use a yoga mat or a cushion or a carpet while sitting on the floor.
  2. Fold the left leg and tug it inside the right thigh.
  3. Then fold the right leg and tug in inside the left thigh.
  4. Keep the hands on the knees. Jnana mudra or Chin mudra can be used if you are using this posture for meditation.
  5. Sit erect with spine straight.
  6. Relax your whole body and breathe normally.
  7. Maintain this position for as long a comfortable.


Benefits of Sukhasana (the Easy Sitting Pose)

Sukhasana is the most suited sitting posture for beginners. It is good for practice of meditation and pranayama. Those who have tight hips, cannot sit in advanced postures like Padmasana. For them it is the easiest alternative.

Once you are comfortable with Sukhasana, you should move on to more advanced sitting postures like Ardha Padmasana, Padmasana or Sidhasana for meditation. If you are meditating for less than 30 minutes per session, Sukhasana may be sufficient. But to hold the body steady for longer durations, one needs to adopt more advanced sitting postures.