Trikonasana – The Triangle Pose

Trikonasana or the triangle pose is a good stretching exercise which gives flexibility to the spine and pelvic region. In Sanskrit ‘trikona’ means ‘three corners’ or a ‘triangle’.

Trikonasana is an excellent posture to develop strength and balance. It also gives flexibility to the legs, waist and knees.

It gives a sense of expansiveness as the arms and torso are bent and reaches for the toes. It gives a sense of balance for the whole body. Those who have stiff legs, knees and waist can use this posture to regain their flexibility and strength. Performing Trikonasana briskly can be a good exercise that can give a sense of well-being and relieves depression. It is one of those asanas which is great choice for outdoor workout, in your garden or on the mountains or amidst nature.

If you feel stiffness of the leg, waist or torso muscles while doing this, then perform this posture very slowly with slow and deep breathing. In due course of time, your body will develop the flexibility and the stiffness will go away.


Those suffering from back and neck injuries should avoid this asana. Also those who have high or low blood pressure should do this slowly with care or discontinue if there is any discomfort. Those suffering from vertigo also should practice this asana with caution.


How to do Trikonasana (The Triangle Pose)?

  1. Stand erect with the feet about 3 feet apart with knees straight.
  2. Raise both the hands till they are in line with each other, parallel to the ground. Inhale when you are raising the hands.
  3. Now bend towards the right and slightly bend the knees, to touch the right foot with the hands. Look up at the left hand. Exhale when you are bending down to touch the foot. Keep the eye open throughout the practice.
  4. Return to the standing position.
  5. Repeat this with the left hand touching the left foot.
  6. This is one round.
  7. Practice as many rounds as is comfortable.


Benefits of Trikonasana (The Triangle Pose)

  1. Trikonasana gives flexibility of the back and spine.
  2. It stimulates the digestive fire and removes constipation.
  3. It massages the muscles and nerves in the pelvic region, relieving stiffness and mild pains.
  4. It tones all organs in the abdomen maintain the health of those organs.
  5. Trikonasana is a good workout which can get the blocked energies moving and can relieve depression.