Supta Udarakarshanasana – Lying Abdominal Stretch Pose

Supta Udarakarshanasana or the lying abdominal stretch pose improves digestion and is gives flexibility of the spine. In Sanskrit, Supta means lying down or sleeping, Udara means abdomen, Akarshan means pull or stretch and Asana is a pose.

How to do Supta Udarakarshanasana (Lying Abdominal Stretch Pose)?

  1. Lie down flat on the floor.
  2. Bend the knees and bring the feet towards you with the sole of the feet resting on the floor. Keep the two feet together during the practice.
  3. Intertwine the two palms and place it under the head. Bring down the arms to the floor. Try to touch the floor with the elbows if possible.
  4. Exhale and turn the knees towards the right side and try to touch the right thigh to the floor. Take it as far as possible without straining. At this point the breath is kept outside. Remain in this position for few seconds.
  5. Inhale and bring back the knees to the upright position.
  6. Repeat the same on the left side.
  7. Do this for as many rounds as you are comfortable. Try to experiment with the position of the feet. If it is away from the hips, then the twist is more pronounced around the lower back. If you move the feet closer to the hips, the stretch is felt more around the thoracic region.
  8. To release the position, bring back the hands to the side of the body. Lower the knees and rest in Shavasana for a minute.

Benefits of Supta Udarakarshanasana (Lying Abdominal Stretch Pose)

  1. Supta Udarakarshanasana gives a good twist to the spine and is a good exercise for flexibility of the spine.
  2. It tones the organs in the abdomen and improves the functioning of all abdominal organs.
  3. It improves digestion.
  4. Supta Udarakarshanasana can relieve constipation.
  5. It is good for releasing mental and physical stress.

Contraindications for Supta Udarakarshanasana

Supta Udarakarshanasana should be avoided by those who have any kind of injury to hip, knees and spine

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