Vajroli Mudra – The Thunderbolt Attitude

Vajroli Mudra or the thunderbolt attitude is a yogic practice to improve the health of the reproductive organs, to sublimate the sexual energy and to speed up the evolutionary process. Vajra in Sanskrit refers to the thunderbolt or lightning. It is also the weapon of Lord Indra in the Puranas. Vajra is also the name of a Nadi or energy channel in the spine that controls the uro-genital system.

Vajroli is one of the 10 mudras mentioned in the yogic text Hatha Yoga Pradipika. The practitioner of Vajroli mudra gets full control of the sexual energy and the process of ejaculation. A yogi, accomplished in Vajroli, does not lose even a drop semen, even during sexual intercourse.

Vajroli Mudra – Levels of practice

Shatkarma Sangraha is a yogic text, which describes 7 levels of practice of Vajroli mudra. In the beginning stages, the practice aims at strengthening and getting control of the uro-genital muscles. Later, the yogi is able to suck in fluids through his penis into the urinary bladder via a catheter.

In this article we will discuss in detail only the preliminary practices, which is sufficient to maintain health of the sexual organs and to gain ejaculatory control.

The advanced stages are also mentioned in this article, but only for academic interest. The actual techniques have to be learned directly from a qualified master.

How to do Vajroli Mudra?

The text Hatha Yoga Pradipika does not mention the details of the actual practice. But these techniques are passed on through the Guru-disciple tradition by word of mouth. Please note that the sequence of stages given below is not according to any particular text, but can be used by any practitioner to master Vajroli Mudra.

Practice Vajroli mudra on an empty stomach, preferably in the early morning.

Stage 1:

Sit in any comfortable asana Sukhasana, Swastikasana, Vajrasana or Padmasana. If you are not able to sit on the floor, you may even sit on a chair. Keep your spine straight and breath normally.

Vajroli Mudra - Thunderbolt Attitude - For Men

  1. Take your attention to the base of the penis, to the area surrounding the pubic bone. Pull the muscles at the root of the penis, which is around the urethral sphincter upwards, towards the navel. Hold for a second or so. Then release it. This is one round. During the upward motion, the muscles near the pubic bone as well the urinary tract are pulled inwards and upwards. You can feel the movement. The feeling is similar to when you try to hold back the urge to urinate. Start with 20 rounds of practice and go up to 108 rounds in one sitting. Let your breathing be normal during the entire practice.
  2. In the second practice, take your attention to the base of the penis as before. Now try to do clockwise rotations of the muscles around the root of the penis. Then, do as many anti-clockwise rotations. You may practice up to 108 rounds of rotation each way.

Stage 2:

This stage is similar to stage 1. Except that these two practices are done with Bahya Kumbhaka or external retention of breath.

  1. Sit in any comfortable posture. Exhale fully. Do Uddiyana Bandha or the abdominal lock by pulling in the abdominal muscles inwards and upwards towards the spine. Then do Jalandhara Bandha or the chin lock to facilitate the external retention of breath. Hold the breath outside during the entire practice. Concentrate on the muscles around the root of the penis, near the urethral sphincter. Pull those muscles up, hold for a second or so and then gently release them, just like you did in Stage 1. Do as many rounds as you are comfortable. When you are exhausted, release the abdominal and chin locks and breathe normally.
  2. In the second practice, take your attention to the base of the penis as before. Exhale fully. Perform Uddiyana Bandha and Jalandhara Bandha. Now try to do clockwise rotations of the muscles around the base of the penis just as in Stage 1. Start with 10 rounds of rotation. Then do as many anti-clockwise rotations. Do according to your capacity. Your capacity to hold the breath will determine the number of rotations. Do not over strain. When exhausted release the two locks and breathe normally.

Stage 3:

This stage is more difficult than Stage 1. This practice is done in a particular asana or pose, which looks similar to the Boat pose or Naukasana. To assume the pose, lie down in Shavasana. Breathe normally and relax. Lift your two legs up at an angle to the floor, keeping the legs straight.  Now, raise your trunk above the ground, so that your body forms a V-shape above the floor. You will notice that this pose will put lot of pressure on the abdominal muscles. You can place both the palms on the floor for support. Breathe normally in this position and relax.

Vajroli Mudra for Men - Asana

Now, perform the practices in Stage 1, in this position. You notice that moving the muscles around the root of penis will be much more difficult than in Stage 1.

  1. The first practice is similar to Stage 1. Pull the urogenital muscles at the base of penis upwards. Then hold for a second or so and then release it. Do as many rounds as you are comfortable. When exhausted, come back to lying position and start again.
  2. In the second practice, do the clockwise and anti-clockwise rotations of the muscles around the base of the penis, just as in Stage 1. This will require some practice. Start with 10 rounds of rotation. Increase the number of rounds according to your capacity. Do not over strain. When exhausted come back to lying position and relax.

Anyone can do the practices mentioned up to this stage. It will help you to improve the health of the urogenital organs, prevent erectile dysfunction, avoid premature ejaculation and to gain sex control. It also helps to channel the energy upwards towards the brain and to awaken of the Kundalini, the inner dormant power in everyone.

Learn the next stages directly from an accomplished master.

Stage 4:

This stage of practice is for Yogis and advanced practitioners only. Learn it directly from an accomplished master. Yogis have kept these practices a secret for ages. Do not attempt by yourself. If done improperly, it can cause injury to the urinary tract and the prostate gland and can also cause urinary infections. Be cautious at this stage.

In this stage, the practitioner inserts a catheter through the urethra, into the urinary bladder and attempts to suck in fluids into the bladder. Use a medical catheter (about 14 – 18 inches long) in the initial stages. A rubber or vinyl medical catheter of appropriate size will suffice. Select a size (progressively between 10 fr to 18 fr) that best suites you. Later, the practitioner uses a specially made elongated S-shaped metal catheter of copper, silver or gold.

Vajroli Mudra for Men - Sucking FLuids through Penis

Pulling up the Fluids

After insertion of the catheter into the bladder, the practitioner initially tries to suck in air through the catheter. This is done by exhaling completely and performing Uddiyana Bandha along with Madhya Nauli. Learn these techniques directly from a master. We shall not discuss the complete techniques here.

Later, using the same techniques, the practitioner is able to suck in fluids like water, oil, ghee, honey and finally mercury; each being heavier and more viscous than the earlier. Up to sucking in of honey, it is safe. But mercury is toxic and can damage the body. Do not use mercury, unless you know the method of purifying it for this purpose.

Only advanced practitioners can accomplish this stage.

Stage 5:

The last stage, which is most difficult and controversial, involves sucking in the fluids through the penis into the bladder, without using a catheter. Only few yogis may succeed at this. At this stage, the yogi can also practice with a female partner. The yogi can suck up his own semen if there is an accidental discharge during practice. It is an unorthodox practice mentioned in texts like Siva Samhita, Hatharatnavali, etc. and related to practice of Tantra. Some, even doubt whether it is possible without a catheter. At this stage, the yogi is able to suck in the vaginal fluids of his partner through the penis, giving great benefits. But, there is lack of details about this practice in the ancient texts, leading to various opinions and criticisms.

 Benefits of Vajroli Mudra

  1. The Vajra Nadi governs the uro-genital organs. Practice of Vajroli Mudra activates the Vajra nadi and improves the health of the urinary and reproductive system.
  2. The Vajra Nadi also influences the digestive system. It helps to improve digestion.
  3. Inside the Sushumna Nadi (the central energy channel or meridian), there are three nadis – The Vajra Nadi, The Chitrini Nadi and the Brahma Nadi. Vajra Nadi is the outer channel among the three. Activating the Vajra Nadi, sublimates the sexual energy. The energy raises up and reaches the brain improving clarity, splendour, intellectual ability, creativity, vigour and health of the practitioner.
  4. Vajroli Mudra helps to preserve the sexual fluids. One can remain sexually young even in old age. Monks and Brahmacharis can use this mudra to sublimate their sexual energy totally; while householders can use it to get control over ejaculation during sexual intercourse, thereby maintaining their sexual potency even in old age.  If you sublimate your sexual energy completely, you become an Urdhvaretas. This gives great spiritual and physical benefits, including attainment of Siddhis or supernatural powers.
  5. Maintaining the sexual potency prevents erectile dysfunction that effects most males after certain age.
  6. Vajroli Mudra also prevents premature ejaculation in males.
  7. Sublimating the sexual energy also helps in awakening of the Kundalini.
  8. For advanced yogis, practice of Vajroli Mudra helps in perfection of Kechari Mudra, one of the potent mudra practices to attain higher stages of consciousness.
  9. Vajroli Mudra can clear all sexual blocks in man. For most men, it is difficult for the Kundalini Shakti to raise beyond the Swadhistana Chakra because of mental pre-conditioning, blocks and perversions in handling their sex energy. Practice of Vajroli removes these blocks and the energy can go up effortlessly. Vajroli mudra can be great help in the spiritual evolution of man.
  10. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika says that anyone who can preserve his Bindu or semen, can overcome death as well as the aging process. Siva Samhita too says that Vajroli gives Bindu Siddhi or mastery over semen.

Vajroli Mudra for Women (Sahajoli)

Women can also practice Vajroli mudra. It is called the practice of Sahajoli. For men, the initial practice involves contraction of the urogenital muscles around the base of the penis. But for women, it is the vaginal walls and the uterine muscles that has to be contracted. Contract the muscles inwards and upwards and then release. Practice as many rounds of this contraction and relaxation, according to your capacity.

In the advanced stages, women can also suck in fluids through their urethra into the urinary bladder. The process is same as for men, except that the length of the catheter used is smaller for women. The benefits are similar to those for men. It is said that an advanced Yogini can even suck up male fluids during practice with a partner. Again, there lack of clarity in the ancient texts regarding this; leading to conflicting opinions and criticisms.

A rare Yogini may even go a step further. She practices Sahajoli with other secret Hatha Yoga practices like Amaroli, etc.  This will help her to even stop her ovulation and menstrual cycle at will, before menopause; thereby preserving all her entire sexual energy and redirecting it for a higher evolutionary purpose.


Vajroli mudra is a great tool for sublimating your sexual energies and for accelerating your spiritual progress.

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