Vrishchikasana – The Scorpion Pose

Vrishchikasana or the Scorpion Pose is an inverted pose and an advanced yoga asana which has great benefits for the nerves, the endocrine glands and has anti-aging benefits. In Sanskrit, Vrishchika means a Scorpion. In the final position, Vrischikasana resembles the scorpion with its tail lifted upwards. When a scorpion wants to sting its victim, it raises the tail above the back and strikes the victim over the head. This pose resembles a scorpion ready to strike. This pose is usually done at the end of asana practice.

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To do Vrishchikasana, one has to be an adept in doing Sirsasana, the yogic head stand. Sirsasana is the starting point for performing Vrishchikasana. Those suffering from vertigo, cerebral thrombosis, high blood pressure and heart diseases should not do this asana.

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For beginners, use the support of a wall to attempt this asana. It will be better to have a partner or a yoga instructor to look over you while performing this asana.



How to do Vrishchikasana (The Scorpion Pose)?

  1. Place a soft blanket on the floor. Assume the yogic head stand or the Sirsasana which is the starting point for Vrishchikasana.
  2. Relax the whole body. Bend the knees and arch your back. Get ready to shift your hands so that you rest entirely on the forearm. This step has to be done slowly and carefully.
  3. The hands should be next to each other, parallel to each other supporting the weight of the entire body.
  4. Try to relax the whole body in this position. This is one level of the practice. One can go further if one wishes by arching the back further.
  5. One can bend the back further and the legs can drop further towards the head. Also raise the head slightly to meet the legs. In this stage of practice, the legs will touch the top of the head.
  6. Try to maintain this position for as long as comfortable. Initially one should try for only 30 seconds or so. Later it can be increased to 5 minutes or more.
  7. To release the position, assume the Sirsasana position again. Lower the legs and body and rest on the floor in Shashankasana position. Remain in Shashankasana for as long as required before coming back to sitting position.
  8. It is good to do Tadasana for 30 seconds after Vrishchikasana to help balance the blood distribution in the body.
  9. Since Vrishchikasana is a backward bending asana, it is good to follow it up with a forward bending asana as a counter pose.


Benefits of Vrishchikasana (The Scorpion Pose)

  1. Vrishchikasana gives all the benefits of the inverted asanas like Sirsasana. It reverses the effect of gravity on the body.
  2. It increases the flow of blood to the head and brain. It nourishes the pituitary glands and improves the health of all the endocrine glands.
  3. It alleviates piles and varicose veins.
  4. It tones the reproductive organs
  5. The asana stretches and loosens the muscles of the back and spine.
  6. It strengthens the arms.
  7. It is good for creating a sense of balance.

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